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Dealing with insurance claims and during a moment of disaster can make an extremely stressful life event unnecessarily more stressful. Secondly, most people and businesses are not educated to deal with the complexities of insurance claims. While we cannot claim to bring back your lost property and memories, we can help you recover more money than you would on your own, removing the stress related to insurance claims, and freeing up more of your time during a moment of crisis.


Here are a few reasons to consider working with us:

1) We are extremely passionate about helping people and businesses with their property disasters.

2) We bring decades of insurance experience to represent you during the insurance claims process. Our qualifications speak for themselves.

3) Allowing us to represent you is in your financial best interest. When we represent you, you will recover significantly more than on your own. This is due to our extensive experience, tools, and techniques that are specific to insurance claims.

4) We have a network of both restoration and rebuild contractors to help restore and rebuild your property. 

5) We will lower the overall stress to an already stressful situation.

6) You will gain precious time to focus on other aspects of your personal or business recovery plan.
7) Insurance companies hire armies high priced of attorneys and consultants to help them lower their claims payout. Hence, they make money by paying you less. Why not hire a credible firm like us to help you recover more than you would on your own?

8) Insurance claims are complex. Replicating our experience is not realistic for most people and businesses. 

If it is related to insurance, we are here to help you in anyway we can with the utmost honesty and integrity.

We are in your corner. That is sincere our promise to you.


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fire property disaster insurance


Water is a very common and devastating loss for properties and can manifest in a number of ways: bursting pipes, pipes, leaky appliances, overflow, backup, hail, weight of snow, etc. In vertical structures, it also often effects multiple tentants/owners of a building. Even worse is that water losses can and often lead to mold damage. 

Dealing with water losses is complex and can involve testing, engineering, and other types of analysis. 

fire property disaster insurance


It goes without saying that fire losses can be one of the most devastating experiences of a lifetime. What can make a fire loss even more complex is because: a) it is highly likely to effect your neighbors, b) the fire fighters will saturate the property with water, which will cause more damager to neighbors, c) restoration will need to deal with possible toxic materials, such as possible lead and/or asbestos. 


mold fire property disaster insurance


Mold is common in most properties and if left uncontrolled, it can have devastign effects to both your property and your health. We have helped clients test, restore, and rebuild their properties from mold damage. Furthermore, dealing with mold insurance claims can be complex so please call us for help.

flooding disaster insurance property


Dealing with storm related losses can be tricky and a great reason to use our experience to help you during a crisis. While most insurance policies will cover wind related losses, such as from hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms, dealing associated water related losses can be tricky. In such situations, you will want to have our firm represent you.

earthquake insurance


Earthquakes and/or tsunami's can cause devastating losses, especially in costal areas and/or areas with a high level of infrastructure. For example, New York City has high levels of exposure to both earthquake and tsunami risks. Even minor earthquakes can cause structural damage to your property and it is in your interest to have professional representation.

loss of rent income use insurance


In many cases you or your tenants will need to move out of the property and/or cease to do business. Your policy may allow you to recover costs related to: living in temporary housing, loss of business income, loss of tenant rental income. We have experience helping clients obtain what they are entitled and look forward to serving you.


Prana Risk is led by Insurance Industry veteran Seth Patel. Seth has worked in the Global Insurance industry for over 20 years, and has held leadership roles working with and consulting to senior management at leading insurers. Furthermore, Seth has taught courses in Insurance at leading universities such as Columbia University & the University of Illinois. He uses his passion to educate and consult to empower his clients on all matters of risk transfer.

Seth is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and the University of Illinois. He has multiple degrees spanning mathematics, engineering, finance, management, leadership, strategy, and executive coaching.

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As licensed public adjusters, our fiduciary duty is to YOU, not the insurance company. Insurance companies hire armies of high priced attorney's and consultants to help them lower their payout in claims. Hence, it is in your interest to hire a company with the credibility of PR Adjusters to help represent you. In addition, insurers make quotes and policy forms hard to understand and we help bring clarity to what is otherwise an opaque process. We will spend as much time as necessary to help you understand the product in as much detail as possible to help empower you to make an an educated purchase.


Once you reach out to us, we will do everything possible to ensure you are OK and to assess the disaster. We will then start our to collect information and engage with our restoration partners to stabilize and restore the property into a safe and toxic free environment as fast as possible. 

Next, we will present facts information to your insurance company to help position your claim in a fair and favorable manner. The combination of our experience, software, tools, and network will help present facts to your insurance company to help you get a higher payout than you may obtain on your own.

Lastly, we will leverage our network of contractors to help you with choices to rebuild your property. 

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